Defining what a “startup” is can be challenging because there come in all sizes, industries and types. Some are based on tech, others aren’t. Some require funding, others don’t.

But what all startups have in common is a need for rapid growth and a lack of credibility.

When you launch a new business or an innovative product, you have to prove to the world that you are worth people’s time, that your product or service is of quality and that you can deliver. People don’t know you yet, therefore don’t trust you yet.

Unfortunately, trust is the key to many doors: you need it for prospects to reply your emails, for media to talk about you, for visitors to sign-up with you and for employees to join your team.

Trust isn’t something that appears overnight: it is built through hard work and relationship.

Yet, there are solutions to speed-up that process!

Get In The Ring is not only the largest pitching event around the world but also an incredible opportunity for startups to build trust by exhibiting at the Get In The Ring show. Why?

1. Exclusive access to prospects

As a startup, one of your biggest challenge is finding new clients: building traffic through SEO takes time, advertising is costly, cold-calling is ineffective and your network is limited.

Trade shows on the other hand are the perfect place to get fully immersed in a pool of potential buyers for three complete days. Events like Get In The Ring are unique because there are made for startups (hence people coming are your targeted market), visitors both have the time and interest to listen to your pitch (unlike other marketing activities where you must constantly hook people to catch their attention) and you are fully dedicated and prepared to convert these prospects into customers.

You can prove yourself, demonstrate your product and get the credibility and trust that will help you build the future.

2. Unique market feedback

Another difficulty most startups are facing is the lack of customer feedback. Startups that fail often built a product based on their own perception of the market needs instead of actual feedback from clients.

Exhibiting at Get In The Ring will enable you to collect direct market feedback, understand what people like and dislike about your product, see how prospects use it and behave with it. It is actually the best opportunity for you to bring your development team out of their lab and make them face the market, understand what needs to be done.

3. Additional visibility

All startups want to be featured in TechInAsia, e27 or CNN, but only a few achieve that.

Getting visibility can be very difficult, fortunately, events like Get In The Ring put you directly in the spotlight. Exhibitions are filled with media and journalists looking for the new “cool thing” to talk about.

Instead of sending cold emails begging for some coverage, media come to you and give you the opportunity to prove yourself and earn your coverage.

4. Competition study

Startups live in a rapidly evolving environment and ones must be aware of new developments and react quickly to remain in the race to success.

Trade Shows are a perfect place to see what other companies are doing, find inspiration and make decisions for future developments.

5. Access to investors

Similarly to what happens with media, getting investors’ attention isn’t easy.

The strength of Get In The Ring lies in its unique traffic mix, made of potential clients, startup fans, entrepreneurs, media and… investors looking for the next unicorn.


Participating in Get In The Ring is a unique opportunity for you to demonstrate your product directly to potential investors and start planning your next round of funding.

6. Reaching new spheres

Developing the product, convincing customers, building the brand, all these require your team to be in the office, behind a screen.

But the startup community is huge and full of resources. Being part of the show means meeting new people, building new partnerships and reaching new markets.

Are you ready to join the adventure and boost your business?

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