Retro Spot將於今晚 (25/8 )舉辦迷你初創展「你想國度」, 屆時各個青年初創企業家將展示其成果, 是次活動費用全免,無需預先報名!約定你今晚6點見~ Retro Spot upcoming event “iDream” will be held on 25/8 (Thur). Want to know which startups will showcase at “iDream” ? Keep following our latest post to know more our upcoming event~No admission for iDream, […]

How to prepare and deliver your speech effectively

Mr. Teng is the Founder and Director of Concord Academic Services, an educational consultant firm representing elite private boarding schools. Raymond Teng had been providing courses to help independent business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up to open up and develop their […]

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